• žSpecialized connective tissue having rigidity with elasticity
  • žConsists of chondrocytes embedded in gel like matrix
  • žTemporary
  • žPermanent
  • Provide rigidity & support
  • Smooth gliding surface for articulation
  • Enables development and growth of long bones


  • žCells- chondrogenic, chondroblasts, chondrocytes
  • žFibers- type I collagen, type II collagen, elastic
  • žGround substance- proteoglycans in the form of keratan sulphate & chondroitin sulphate, glycoprotein, water, no mineral component


  • žAppositional
  • žinterstitial


  • žAvascular
  • žNo lymphatics
  • žNo nerves
  • žSurrounded by perichondrium
  • žGrowth by appos. & inter.
  • žWhen it calcifies, chondrocytes die
  • žArticular cartilage & fibrocartilage have no perichondrium


  • žHyaline
  • žElastic
  • žFibrocartilage


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